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張 震嶽  Chang Chen-yue

      With "Superband" 縱貫線:

亡命之徒 Desperado

OK (2007)

        思念是一種病   Yearning Is a Kind of of Sickness
        你說有個女孩  You Say There's a Girl
        很難  It's Hard
        路口 Intersection
        孤獨的夜哨  Lonely Night Sentry
        再見  Goodbye

等我有一 天   One of These Days (2002)     

One of These Days
    一 切再重來  Starting All Over Again
    認 輸
  Admitting Defeat
    秋 天冬天
  Autumn, Winter

From Other Albums:

怎麼辦  What to Do
勇氣  Courage
一開始就沒退路 From the Start There Was No Going Back
捨不得   Let Go

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