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後青春期的詩  Poetry of the Day After

Music and Lyrics by Ashin

As the mist follows the dawn's light drifting away, the pillowy banks of the lake have been blown dry
Anticipation has already degenerated to waiting, and I say good-bye to the unexpected
As the traces of tears create an outline of regret, memories brightly obscure the pain,
Time slips away just like flowing water

In the end we will no longer revel in life, get hysterical over love
However youth is on the other shore, the eternal summer shines on day by day
(Ashin speaking: And then? Move on together...)

Who says I can't have my only production in this life be like a poem --
No matter how far in the future, each word, each line, each verse you read still shines
Let the sky explain what blue is, the floating clouds describe what white is
The falling flowers spread out like a red carpet, welcoming us to the future
The colorful, unfinished future
當煙霧隨晨光飄散 枕畔的湖已風乾
期待已退化成等待 而我告別了突然
當淚痕勾勒成遺憾 回憶誇飾著傷感 逝水比喻時光荏苒

終於我們不再 為了生命狂歡 為愛情狂亂
然而青春彼岸 盛夏正要一天一天一天的燦爛
(阿信口白:然後呢 一起走吧)

誰說不能讓我 此生唯一自傳 如同詩一般
無論多遠未來 讀來依然一字一句一篇都燦爛
讓天空解釋著蔚藍 浮雲定義著潔白
落花鋪陳一片紅色地毯 迎接我們到未來 精彩未完的未來

Language: Mandarin
Copyright 2008 by B'in Music/Rock Records
Translated by Merry

Notes:  Thanks to random leon for his help with this one.