You Are, You Will

Music and Lyrics by Qingfeng


覺得暈眩 覺得厭倦
小心提煉 綻放在心中點
Feeling dizzy, feeling weary

Carefully refined, bursting open in my heart


覺得很炫 覺得很玄
不想再添 感情偶發事件

Feeling dazzling, feeling abstruse

Don’t feel like adding more, affection is a question of chance

I want, I want to go to where you are,
you are waiting for
I want, I want to go to where you are
coming telling me you will,
you will always right here stay with me


Language: Mandarin/English

Copyright 2006 by Willlin Music

Translated by M. Oyen


Notes: Words in bold are in English in the original