/小威 青峰 /小威
Music and Lyrics by Xiao Wei

Close to daybreak, the air is still and empty
Stop searching, wait on an embrace (wait for her embrace)
Promised vexation, skip it and it’s all fine
Are you finished, it’s not so important (I don’t want to know)

Stranded over and over again, waiting for a taste
This act has become boring (this act is excessively boring)
Three o’clock in the morning is not the time for you to make noise
You’re still mischievous, the freshness ebbed away long ago
Can’t stop, procrastinating is not as good as early action, impudent emotions become feverish
Can’t stop breathing, stop your noisiness, stop your noisiness, 
stop your noisiness

You want to search, I want to escape, rather than ending our association
Lovesick thoughts bite at me, they can’t be wiped away
You disturb my prayers, transience turning into a bird
Your hands can’t comfort my feathers

瀕臨破曉 空氣寂寥
諾言煩惱 錯過就好
你了不了 沒那麼重要(我不想知道)

反覆擱淺 等一片味道
清晨三點 不許你吵
你還在胡鬧 新鮮早已退潮
停止不了 拖延不如趁早 放肆情緒發燒
呼吸停不了 你別吵 別吵 別吵

你想找 我想逃 倒不如分道揚鑣
相思潮 啃咬我 揮不掉
你打擾 我祈禱 過眼就變成飛鳥
你的手 撫不了 我羽毛


Language: Mandarin
Copyright 2006 by Willlin Music

Translated by M. Oyen