Links  網站連結

There are hundreds of Mayday sites out there, but not so many with content for English speakers.  If you read Chinese, you don't need help finding them.  If you don't, here's information on some places I frequent:

Hands down, the best English-language Mayday fansite is Mayday Blue.  There you can find impressions of the band, excellent album reviews, news, lyric translations and discography.  A must-see for English-reading Mayday fans.

For a part-English, part-Chinese forum, go to the Singapore-based forum.  There's always updated news and interesting conversation over there.  Not everything gets translated into English, but some nice soul will usually summarize if you ask.  Registered members can also make use of their impressive, constantly-updated media links for Mayday video and audio files.

There's a decent summary of Mayday background and discography in English on Wikipedia.

The all-Chinese official Mayday website is actually not so great for news or schedules, but it has a fun, ever-changing layout and a "downloads" section with wallpapers and a handful of music videos (for those who don't read Chinese, it's the sixth button from the left along the top of the page).  It's a bit prone to odd, nonsensical uses of English, however, so be warned.  (Case in point, the one recent headline was "Mr. myself, with Mayday.")  No English page yet.  Maybe I could get their new label to hire me...

For those of us far from Taiwan, Mayday albums, books, vcds and dvds are easily available at Items go for "American prices," of course, which is generally double or triple the asking price in Taipei, but hey, it's cheaper than a flight across the Pacific.  (Now, of course, you can also download Mayday albums and songs from iTunes, though iTunes has still not figured out that there are two bands called Mayday, one from Nebraska and one from Taiwan, and thus groups them all together.)

Mandopop reviews in English - for all sorts of artists, including Mayday - can be found at the excellent Chinese Music Blog.  The also take translation requests in their forum.

Speaking of translations, there are lots of them for Mandopop artists (including a few from Mayday) at both Ting Dong and Learn Chinese Through Music (which focuses on Jay, Jolin and Leehom, but also has translations from other artists).

For information on the rock/punk/underground music scene in Taiwan - including information about bands and some reviews - see Island of Sound.  It's a great source for finding out about band music from the island (as opposed to pop songstresses and boybands).  The site owner, once an American expat in Taiwan, also has a small import company called Pacification Records, with select titles from the Taiwanese, Japanese and American music scenes available, along with a news blog.